"Stag and Hen party"

Come and discover our courses in the trees
as well as the “Bubble Football”
near Lille

Come in fancy dress ready for some fun with friends.

And for the Stag or Hen, it’s FREE !!

Lys Aventure offers you a free entry !!

  • minimum 9 people
  • Group rate, minimum 11 people

A deposit of 40% of the total amount of the service will be required when booking!

Accro-Branche - Formule Enterrement de vie de garçon - fille
Bubble-Foot - Formule Enterrement de vie de garçon - fille

You want to play Football ? …. but with a huge bubble that covers you from head to knees !

Discover the “BUBBLE FOOTBALL “!

The inflated bubble block allows you to throw your opponents to several feet away !

Bumping, rolling over ….. Everything is permitted…. Hysterical laughter guaranteed !

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Mother's Day

This Sunday, June 7, 2020, get

50% discount

on the entrance of the mother

* provided you are accompanied by at least one child per mother.


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