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" Bubble Football " activities

Discover the Bubble Foot:

Lys Adventure offers you the“Bubble Foot”or“Foot Bubble”is a sports derived from football.

In an inflatable transparent bubble, play the beloved game with a hilarious twist!

We offer various packages.

Crazy outdoor games where two teams compete, flip over, stunts to you; you are protected in this air bubble.

Bubble Football activity - Bubble-Football
Bubble Football activity - Bubble-Football

Game duration

around 5 minutes


5 minutes and then its back out there pumped up for the second half !

Bubble Football activity - Bubble-Football

We're going to your house!

Is your event taking place in your company, a municipal stadium or any other unusual place? All we have to do is inflate the BUBBLE FOOT and the adventure is ready!

Company, Seminar, CE, Leisure Centres, Holiday Villages, Birthday, … Adaptable to any type of participant, we offer you a sporty and fun leisure!

Coaching and animation included in our rates. Get in touch with us!



From the age of 6, the mask is only required at the reception, during the equipment and briefing.

Gloves are highly recommended. 

(gloves on sale at the reception for 1-50 a pair)


your park



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