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"Archerie Tag" Photos

also called "Archerie Game"

Check out our new activity now: ARCHERY TAG!

Halfway between the paintball and the prisoner’s ball; come and challenge your friends, like true archers!

The principle

Fun and sporty at the same time, theArchery Tag is for everyone, regardless of your level. Once equipped, the goal will be to hit your opponents to eliminate them and/or hit the targets to earn points. Guaranteed pain-free, your arrows have a soft tip!

Lys Adventure - Archerie Tag

Train your Teams

Arm yourself with your bows and arrows, develop a strategy together, overcome inflatable obstacles to [peut être] win!

Put on your combat gear

In order to play safely, each player receives his equipment: a full-face anti-bué mask, a bow and arrows. And to avoid shooting in the wrong place, you will be offered an introduction to the proper holding of the bow.

Lys Adventure - Archerie Tag

Rules of the Game

On your marks, ready? Go away!

The referee starts the game! Different modes of play are possible: the winning team will be the one that eliminates the entire opposing team or the one that has scored as many points as possible by hitting the targets at the end of the timer.


The Archery Tag is accessible from
[10 ans peut être?]
the age of 8 and at least 8 participants.

Running time: 1 hour. [10 minutes d’équipement – 50 minutes de temps de jeu].



From the age of 6, the mask is only required at the reception, during the equipment and briefing.

Gloves are highly recommended. 

(gloves on sale at the reception for 1-50 a pair)


your park



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