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Terms and conditions

I. Registration conditions

Each participant must accept and respect the internal regulations and price conditions (mentioned) in order to operate in the lys AVENTURE acrobatic park.

II. Discipline – Security

Dear participant, an initiation course is mandatory for you again on the course of LYS AVENTURE.

  • The LYS AVENTURE park has multiple progressive difficulty routes, on which you evolve in
    autonomy. We leave you alone to judge your ability to overcome obstacles!
  • Each participant is committed to complying with the safety rules imposed by the Internal Regulations.
  • You are responsible for your safety and that of the other participants as well as the materials put to your
    (life lines, harness, muskets, pulley, gloves, …).
  • LYS AVENTURE disclaims any responsibility for the case where the use of the equipment is not in accordance with the
    recommendations made during the introductory session.
  • We reserve the right to exclude anyone (individual or group) who is hindering the proper functioning of the park and its activities.

III. Price and settlement conditions

The current price is an average session of 3 consecutive hours, an additional quarter of an hour can be granted. Beyond that, will be charged 5 euros/overtime.

Prices are shown per person and in euros. They get along TTC!

They may vary depending on:

  • The age range and/or size.
  • The number of participants.
  • Prices of contract value are only in effect at the time of registration ,-course paid in advance, courses paid in cash).
  • After a route has been started and whatever the reason, no refund is possible.

a. Individual rate:

This rate applies to customers who register in isolation, or as part of a group of less than 10 participants.

b. Group rate:

This rate applies to groups of between 10 and 50 participants and to large families upon presentation of the proof.

c. Large group fare:

This rate applies to groups with a number of participants between 51 and 100.

d. Rates Business Committees and Business Gifts:

These rates apply to CE or Business customers who subscribe to a ticketing or business gift offer and who must be able to prove their quality on simple request, subject to full payment in advance of the entry price.

Prepaid registrations escape price updates, if applicable. (Unless otherwise stated, the validity of tickets is limited to the current calendar year).

e. Company rates:

These rates apply to Corporate customers who organize an outing for seminars, congresses, events.

f. Community and school rates:

Specific rates are granted by LYS AVENTURE to town halls, leisure centers, schools and supervisors.

The organizers benefiting from these special rates must be able to justify their quality on request.

IV. Modification or Cancellation by the customer.

The cancellation or modification of a registration for whatever reason entails the payment of fees varying according to the date on which it occurs:

Up to 15 days before the date of the outing: 10% of the price.

Less than 15 days or No show: 100% of the price.

V. Modification or Cancellation by LYS AVENTURE.

The cancellation or modification of a registration by LYS AVENTURE essentially for reasons of impracticable terrain or bad weather conditions gives the right to postpone the session to a later date, or to reimburse the price to the client.



From the age of 6, the mask is only required at the reception, during the equipment and briefing.

Gloves are highly recommended. 

(gloves on sale at the reception for 1-50 a pair)


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